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New York City - Campaign to free Dr Howard Levy,
Green Baret doctor who refused to serve in Vietnam
Ron Wolin, Pauline Goodman & Roz

NYC, l967, collecting signatures on petitions
against the war in Vietnam

Washington DC - Demonstration against the War in Vietnam

photo by Bev Grant

Ann Arbor Alternative Media Conference.
I slept in the luggage rack of the bus on
the way to the conference and where ever
else I could

photo by Bev Grant

Ann Arbor - members of Newsreel at the Alternative Media Conference

Ann Arbor - Alternative Media Conference with Bev Grant

Woodstock, New York


Cuba, 1970 - Newsreel went to Cuba to make a film about the Vinceremos Brigade. Young Americans were breaking the blockade by traveling to Cuba to cut sugar cane. There were brigades of cane cutters from many countries including these two North Vietnamese men. Debbie Knight & myself posed as the Americans giving up to the Vietnamese . . .



Vermont commune days

Gay and Claire


Interviewing exiled Black Panther Don Cox in France


After reading & computerizing an index to the 300,000 documents in the FBI Counter Intelligence Program against Black Extremists and the Black Panther Party. The documents were released as discovery material in the civil suit of Dhoruba Bin Wahad, an ex Black Panther held in jail for 19 years. Evidence found in the files showed that material was withheld during his trial, as a result he was released. I produced a theater piece with Joy Hopkins playing J. Edgar Hoover, Lance Richbourgh and John Payne played FBI Agens. I played my favorite Agent WAC. the theater piece was featured on the old art deco sign of the Holiday Inn . The sign was torn down a short time later.


California - Retired FBI Special Agent WAC and Roz.
San Fransico SA WAC wrote the reports on the Black Panther Party for J. Edgar Hoover.

Retired head of San Fransico FBI office Agent Charles Bates .
I wanted to talk about the Panthers and he talked about Patty Hearst.


New York City 1996
Exit Art
Counter-Culture Show

Mary, Brian, Jules, Bob at the opening, looking at
some of the 300 pieces loaned from my archives.

"Tear gas in the pump room", a wall poster
from the Chicago Democractic convention l968.
Someone we know did it, I can't remember who . . .

Exit Art Counter-Culture Show
Steve Ben and Pamala looking at artifacts

Huey P. Newton, Minister of the Black Panther Party

Melissa of Exit Art moderates panel of Newsreel members,
Lynn Phillips, Norman Fruchter, Roz Payne


New York City, The Wetlands, Abbie Hoffman's Birthday.
Anita Hoffman, Roz & Pamala

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