El Caso Contra Lincoln Center

La Renovacion Urban destruyo los hogares de 35,000 familias puertoriquenasde la ciudad de Nueva York para construir Lincoln Center, una vitrina cultural para las clase dominante de la ciudad. La pelicula explica la coneccion entre esta accion cotidiana y es imperlialismo corporativo norteamericano. 12 minutes

To keep the well-to-do from continuing to flee the city and depleting its tax base, city, state, and federal government, and the Rockefellers, Morgans, and Mellons finance the prestigious Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. It was built in the middle of a Puerto Rican ghetto, displacing thousands of families and a lively street culture. Upper-income families move into high-rise apartment houses and gourmandise the "humanities," financially inaccessible and culturally irrelevant to the lives of the former residents.

11 minutes