Roz Payne
POBox 164
Richmond, Vermont 05477

Dear Chittenden County Committee Members,

I am asking you to include me as your choice in the selection process for Assistant Judge in Chittenden County.
I feel that because of my experience I am the best qualified person for the position of Assistant Judge.

l. I ran in the 1994 primary, in which Liz Gretowski won, Althea Kroger came in second beating me by only 110 votes out of about 9,000 votes cast.

2. For two years I attended all of the Judicial Team meetings and as a result have a clear understanding of the many problems, the costs, and steps necessary for improvement of the court system in Vermont.

3. I am not a lawyer, but I have completed the 4 year Vermont Bar clerkship program and have worked in a law office for 12 years which gives me an excellent understanding of the law.

4. I am a long time Board member of Vermont Legal Aid, Vermont Job Start and of Vermont Law Line .

5. I am the present Chair of the Richmond Democrats and have been elected Chair three times. I have been active in Democratic politics for 26 years. Please consider voting for me.

Thank you,

Roz Payne


Roz Payne
PO Box 164
Richmond, Vt, 05477


1996-Present Editor of Cd rom series of the History of the Sixties using Newsreel films Voyager and Global Vision producers. Informercial on the military budget.

l992-1994 Legal investigator and case coordinator for Earth Peoples Parks land seizure of 500 acres.My responsiblities included finding and talking to witnesses, communication with the US attorney, and legal research which led to the discovery of statue never before used in Vermont that saved the land by turning it over to the state for recreation and conservation. Participating attorneys were Chris Davis, Sandy Baird, and Robert Bensing.

l994-1995 Investigator for the Center for Constitutional Rights, for Dannamora prisoner David Wong. Attorney Michael Dousch.

l989 to present Consultant for civil rights films and books including Eyes on the Prize, Panther, and Making Sense of the Sixties. I sell archival footage and stills and research.

I am producing an oral history video of retired FBI agents and ex Black Panthers.

1988 to present Professor at Burlington College of History and Mycology Present Board member of Vermont Legal Aid, Vermont Job Start , Burlington- Bethlehelm-Arad sister city program and Board member of Vermont Law Line.

1994 Ran for the elected position of Assistant Judge in Chittenden County

1990-1994 Constable of Richmond, elected four times. I attended the Police Accademy for Constable Training. My duties included serving papers, listening to, responding, and resolving complaints.

l981-l994 Legal investigator and law clerk in the office of Attorney Sandy Baird. Resposibilities included client intake, tracking down witnesses, writing reports and preparation for trial.

l981-l983 Key investigator and paralegal for Kristina Berster immigration case. I worked with attorneys Bill Kuntsler, Jesse Berman, Bill Kittel and Chris Davis.

l981-l989 Researcher and investigator organized and made a computorized index to more than 350,000 documents for a civil suit in which we discovered documents that led to the release of our client Dharuba Moore after l7 years in prison. I worked with attorneys Elizabeth Fink and Bob Boyle.

l985 -1989 Completed the four year Vermont Law Clerk Program

l970's-90's Organized and helped create the first food coop which is now the Onion River Food Coop, the Community Health Center, the Vermont Womans Political Caucus, the Womans Center , and the Vermont Mycology Association.

l968 Masters of Science CCNY

l967-1971 Founding member of Newsreel Film Collective Produced and distributed more that 40 documentary films.

l964 - l967 School teacher at the American School in Lima Peru, North Bergan and Secaucus, New Jersey. I taught elementary school, English as a second language and history.

1962 Bachelor of Science Degree at UCLA

l958 Los Angeles High School diploma