Well gang...we finally got a Newsreel listserve.  

Below find: 

1. How to join.
3. How we might use this list.
4. How we got it for free, our hosts.

1.   To get on send an email to:
Then in the BODY of the message put ONLY this line:  

   subscribe newsreel 

(You need not put any message in the subject line. If your email program 
insists, put anything). 

You should get back an automated email telling you what to do next. Any 
problems with this first step you can email Paul@aol.com or 


For those that don't know,  a listserve is an automated group email. 
Works like this..

When you sign on to ...(see above)... you will 
automatically receive any messages that are sent to that address by any 
one else that's signed on. So instead of having to CC: a long list it's 
just one address. It's not for private messages, but for a group. In this 
case those listed above, (and as many others as we wish). There are lots 
of other things it can do, (which we may or may not need), it saves all 
the messages and you can retrieve them. We could have a digest, etc. You 
can sign up and just hang out and see what's going on ..called "lurking". 
 Just join in when you want. Of course you can sign on and sign off at 
will. Like that. And all of this connects to our newsreel and 69-98 web 

3. How we might use this list.

We can just go on doing as we have been of late...making contact, seeing 
who's out there. We can also continue to build our history, as has 
started. We could think about a newsreel CD-rom and/or documentary and 
use this list (and our web site), to build them. We could design an oft 
mentioned reunion. And we can open this process up to young(er) people 
who are or are not in film/video for a conversation across borders and 
generations. And what ever else comes along.

4. How we got it for free, our hosts. Our hosts are http://www.tao.ca. 
This is an  anarco/political/cultural collective based in Toronto. They 
host some very interesting and hip web sights and lists. Check them out. 
Of course there was John D. there all along. All for now, Paul.