the schedule of the NEWSREEL participation in the festival

Saturday, October 24th and Sunday the 25th 1998

What we are presently envisioning is as follows:

10:00-12noon Filmmakers Forum for all filmmakers (past & present) attending the festival. This would include the Newsreel people, those with films in competition in our Call-For-Entry, Vermont independent filmmakers who are in attendance, aspiring filmmakers-to-be perhaps as well (including some of Joe's more advanced students?)

To be held at Borders Bookstore on Church Street and Cherry Street in Burlington.

This will be filmed by local cable access station 17 for broadcast. Taped copies of the forum will be available from ` the station once post-production is complete.

The subject of the discussion will be, essentially, "Why we made movies in '68/Why we make movies in '98".


Newreel Retrospective at the Firehouse Gallery on Church Street between College and Main Streets.



Two 27" televisions with VHS VCRs playing continuous Newsreel films and videos. A VHS videoprojector screening Newsreel films and videos at scheduled times throughout the day. Possibly a 16mm projector screening films as well. A computer on-line with Newsreel website and chat-times with Newsreel filmmakers around the world participating.

At dark (7:15 p.m.) projection of Newsreel films across Church Street on to a large screen up above the sidewalk.




We are going to go two days with the Newsreel Show.

Saturday 12 noon till 10:00 p.m. and Sunday 12 noon till 5:00 p.m.

I had the idea of a little tape loop of the rat-a-tat-tat flashing Newsreel logo and putting it on a 13" screen facing outwards onto Church Street throughout the whole 15 hours of the show. It would add a little something, even without audible audio rat-a-tat-tatting onto the street. Then again, Joey could probably hook up some external speaker. John liked the whole idea and will put it together when we all do the editing weekend in October. Here is the Newsreel list we discussed last week at the meeting:



Full-length screening (approx. four-to-five hours)

Columbia Revolt
No Game (maybe)
Off the Pig (Black Panther)
Richmond Oil Strike (maybe)
People's Park
People's War
Pig Power
Up Against the Wall, Miss America
Young Puppeteers of South Vietnam



the 3'x 5' blow-ups of Roz's photos


And in the grand montage of clips and fragments (about one-to-two hours):


El Pueblo Se Levanta (The Young Lords Film)
Free Farm
Inciting to Riot
Make It Real
Mayday (Black Panther)
Milestones No Game (maybe)
Only the Beginning
Seventy-nine Springs of Ho Chi Minh
She's Beautiful When She Is Angry
Strike City
The Woman's Film
You Don't Have to Buy the War, Mrs. Smith

Roz has some issues about the wording of things in VIFF marketing materials. I will be having Gordon Rainey (intern) and/or Rob Koier (volunteer) contacting you all with prose to edit and approve. Don't want to disgruntle anyone, of course. Editing by collective decision, however, is somewhat, well, you know . . . .

kenneth peck


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