the early films

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Columbia Revolt
Community Control
El Caso Contra Lincoln Center
El Pueblo Se Levanta
Free Farm
High School
High School Rising
Inciting to Riot
Los Siete de la Raza
Make It Real
Make Out
Mayday (Black Panther)
McDonnel Douglas
Mighty Mouse and Little Eva
No Game
Off the Pig (Black Panther)
Only the Beginning
Open for Children
BDRG: Boston Draft Resistance Group
Richmond Oil Strike
People's Park
Peoples' War

Pig Power
Por Primeria Vez (For the First Time)
Seventy-Nine Springs of Ho Chi Minh
She's Beautiful When She's Angry
Strike City
Summer '68

The Case Against Lincoln Center
The Earth Belongs to the People
The Woman's Film
Two Heroic Sisters of the Grassland
Up Against the Wall Miss America
You Don't Have to Buy the War, Mrs.Smith
Young Puppeteers of South Vietnam
Young Lords


* Note: All descriptions of the NR films ( made or distributed ) by newsreel were taken from old catalogs or reviews etc.